From blue planet beauty to far-off galaxies, Lemongrass has been sowing his wide and abundant “Ambient Land” dreamscapes once again. A healing sedative, that slowly works its way through the bloodstream, flooding the brain with finest delta waves. With “Ambient Land 4″, Lemongrass masters the art of simplification, intuitively reducing the production to what is essentially important. Thus this 5 tracker EP goes beyond quietly epic reportage, leading to a state of inner peace and meditation.

Since the release of “Ambient Land 1″ back in 2007, Lemongrass keeps a regular interval of 3 years to refresh, what has become one of the most successful Ambient music releases in general. Respectfully carrying the spirit of the iconic founders of this genre, “Ambient Land” is an almost pure electronic based production with plenty of space inside the music, that gives off a peaceful air.

With “On Earth” we are packing up in hearty lightness to go on an immensely deep and breathtaking journey with the famous “Voyager 9″. The longer this track drifts into the endless space, the more a calming, utter silence surrounds us. Next is “Airglow” that flutters from a secluded coastline. After “Star Trek” has taken us to far away galaxies again, we are landing at “Gran Canyon”, with a wonderful phrasing of tones and melodies, occasionally folding and meandering. By the end, whatever storm had been rippling the events of our daily life, this “Ambient Land” journey has washed it all away.

Digital Release Date: December 2nd, 2016
Catalogue number: LGM226
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)