„Ambient Land 2“ is a daring evolution of sound, an amazing exploration of time and space, and a masterful symphony of the mind. Half an hour of music stretches into infinity and opens the soul for inner visions otherwise buried beneath the everyday hustle of our fast moving world. While listening to the beatless soundscapes of „Ambient Land 2“ feels like breathing, the overall composition and arrangement of the six tracks compares to a slow-motion blossoming of the most beguiling flowers.

The EP opens with two epic offerings. Whereas „Wide Sky“ expands like an enormous cathedral abundant with beatific wonders, „Biosphere“ thrills with its down-to-earth approach where the breaking of the waves and chirping of the birds find their perfect place. The gentle strings and voxes of „The Other Side of Here“ exhale a tremendously reassuring and soothing vibe while the more energetic „Wonderland“ feels like a smooth journey with sparkling sounds tickling your imagination. After these four slightly different explorations, the following „First Contact“ brings things to a halt and asks for individual introspection. The concluding „Blue Earth“ then wraps you up in a unique feeling of universal oneness and personal strength.

Listening to „Ambient Land 2“ immediately sets your mind at ease and makes your whole body tingle with a freshness you wouldn’t have thought attainable. It’s an experience beyond time, breaking all rules of today and simply unskippable.

Digital Release: December 10th 2010
Catalogue Number: LGM069-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644