“Too damn cool ‘n’ funky ‘n’ jazzy. I’m loving it!”
Yes, veteran UK soul-Dj Pete Collins from Starpoint Radio is right on the spot, talking about the music of Mr Glam Sam and his Combo.
His colleague Mark Gentry, a groovy man with the weekly radio show Soul Heaven, is on the move too:
“If you like jazz influenced dance grooves then this will be just up your street! Full of good tunes that will get you up out of your seat and onto your feet. You will get your groove on!! I predict that this album will receive the worldwide recognition as it so rightly deserves.”

The 18-track strong debut album from Sweden’s Glam Sam and his Combo is called “Groovy!” And that’s what it is. Here you will find your favourite soundtrack to the warm up party, the main party and the after party. Here are the grooves for the freaking out on the dance floor and the chilling time in the lounge, or just the sounds to make it more funky back home.
“Groovy!” are the sounds to make you smile, dig, lounge and dance. Some people prefer to call it cool music. Just cool and funky, with a twist of jazz. A groove to enjoy, hustle and bump to any time in the evening, every evening. The sounds are suitable for disco dancing, lounging and cocktails.
Or to quote the Ukranian radio-Dj Eric Tchaikovskiy: “Takes me higher and higher, beat by beat. Just like some undiscovered old-school goodness flavoured into shades of a futuristic disco groove! A very sexual travelling through the Universe of love, passion and agony…”
Glam Sam and his Combo is the brain child of Mats Samuelsson, a Stockholm-based journalist, writer and music lover. Back in the days he got involved in a promising indie jazz-pop duo in Sweden, but after a couple of fine demos the dudes quit the game and returned to university.
Suddenly, too many years later, Mr Samuelsson stepped out as Glam Sam, formed his Combo and started a musical adventure based on pure joy. Only one thing was settled: the music should be, must be and will be: Groovy!
During a year of inspirational fun, these 18 tracks evolved and got filled with all the things Glam Sam loves about music: the jazz, the disco, the funk and the soul, the grooves and the coolness as well as fun samples and top vocals.
The bubbling jazzy and funky rhythm section is accompanied with swaying pianos, rhodes, groovy guitars and organs, playful horns and, yeah, some vibraphones as well.
“Love your tunes!! Puts me back in the Friday mood. Mmmmm”, says the wonderful Hilde Louise Asbjornsen, Norway’s number 1 jazz singer.
Yeah, it’s good! It’s groovy! So, groovers of the world, unite and get ready for Glam Sam and his Combo.

Digital release on iTunes: June 16th 2009
Other portals: August 2009
Catalogue number: LGM 033
Label: Lemongrassmusic