Lemongrassmusic are happy to present the new 4 tracks EP by Saint Petersburg based musician and producer Stepan Altukhov, alias Dreamw41ker.
“Six Feet Above” is an invitation to rise above the mundane, to elevate your spirit through the transformative power of music.

Join the artist on this musical journey as we ascend together, leaving behind the gravitational pull of the everyday and reaching new heights of emotion, inspiration, and sonic transcendence.
This EP is a musical odyssey, a pilgrimage through the realms of sound where each note is a step towards a higher plane of emotion and experience.

Digital release date: April 12, 2024
Catalogue number: LGM429
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

SINGLES (Click images to listen to the singles at Spotify):

1. Do You Remember (February 23, 2024):

2. Those Days Are Gone (March 22, 2024):