Café Electronique is the first of a series of music volumes by Dee C’rell, which are exclusively recorded and released for label Lemongrassmusic. As an active musician and composer since the primary years of the American and UK dance scene, amongst other genres, Dee C’rell is no stranger to electronic music making. Now known for his creative output within a vast array of music making and education, he turns his attention to an eclectic set of compositions that creates volume 1 of the Café Électronique series.

The initial conception for this first Volume, delves into the characteristics that are relevant within electronic lounge music in our present time but are also intrinsic to the primary form. Dee C’rell gently shares some of his influences within each of the six compositions that have been part of his earliest inspirations within analogue and digital music creation, whilst forming a minimal understated complexity within each composition for which Dee is now known. The structure of each composition varies whilst retaining an overall concept that is central to the Café Électronique series.

Digital release date: October 25th 2013
Catalogue number: LGM 142-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644

Contains Bonus Mix: Café Électronique (DJ Nartak’s In The Fields Mix) – only with bundle download !