Aleyum is an Ambient music project by Conor Hynes from California, USA.
He makes his debut on the label Lemongrassmusic with the stunning 5 track EP „Crimson Shores“, demonstrating the diversities of his sonic palate.

Aleyum kicks off the EP with “Celestial Endeavor”. The track opens with warm pads lead by a distant piano line while descending bells glow in the background. Finally, a huge guitar line is introduced with a tight breakbeat drumline, creating a truly cosmic soundscape.
“Lights Over Lapland” takes the listener through a solar soundscape, the tune opens with a husky drumline, as a lush guitar line is carefully revealed, surrounded while glistening pads soar in the background. The euphonious soundscape evokes a pensive image of the Aurora Borealis.
The track “Crimson Shores” opens with slow-building pads complemented by an aural soundscape of organic sweeps, the tune takes a deep turn as the drums are introduced followed by a warm bass. The main theme centres around a lush guitar riff, creating a pensive, seaside ambience.
Aleyum exhibits the brighter side of the EP with “Firefly Lane” a beautiful breakbeat inspired story, the track begins with uplifting chord progression around while a soft arp melody glistens in the background. The ethereal breakdown introduces a stunning guitar melody followed by a complimenting harmony, propelling the listener into a blissful state.
The final track “ The Subtleties Of Life” is a perfect ending to the EP, a lush soundscape is quickly established, comprised of oriental elements and huge pad sweeps. A smooth synth lead is introduced later, which gives remarkable texture to the city-esque atmosphere.

Digital release date: May 8th, 2020
Catalogue number: LGM322
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644