Lemon Jazz Records present the 4 tracks collaboration EP “The Sensual” by Argentinian musician and producer Alejandro Fernández Lecce and Dutch Jazz guitarist Paul Eerhart.
If we say that we are dealing with urban Jazz, or modern Jazz, perhaps we pigeonhole ourselves and stay halfway in our definition.

Here the music goes beyond labels, as we find touches of Trip-hop, Nu Soul, and modern Jazz, among others.
The songs of Alejandro Fernández Lecce, – with the touch of elegance and distinction of the great Paul Eerhart Jazz Guitar – bring us closer to different climates that are close to cool, to finesse, and thus with them, enjoy these wonderful moments.

Two musicians who intertwine in a very high artistic flight, to give us these magnificent and subtle songs.
Both the different sounds and instruments take us to Hi-fi atmospheres, coming from both the 50s and the near 2000s, as well as the conceptual art, present here in this work for Lemon Jazz Records.

Digital Release Date: May 20, 2022
Catalogue number: LJR010
Label: Lemon Jazz Records (LC 52493)

SINGLE (Click image to listen to the single at Spotify):

1. Blue Note (April 29, 2022):