DJ Nartak’s “Nightflight” is dedicated to the beauty of the world at night time. When the contours of light start softening and the rhythm of life slows down, mysteriously glittering lights twinkle like oases in the depth of utter darkness. This fascinating spectacle is the musical and visual theme of the 6th “Nightflight” compilation, representing DJ Nartak’s cult show on Klassik Radio Germany with the same name. Enjoy a ride into a vibrant world full of magic sounds and moments of silence & deep relaxation.

As always it is DJ Nartak’s exceptional music selection brought in a sensitive mix which takes the “Nightflight” onto a first class level. With a subtle feeling for the momentum, different styles and soundscapes unite to one atmospheric expression. Chock-full of musical treasures this “Nightflight” compilation will take you on inspiring sound moving trips into a wide open space to pause and relax. Like the never sleeping artificial lights of a big city, which is luring different cultures, traditions and and nationalities to form a new, vivid expression, the soundscapes of “Klassik Lounge Nightlight Vol.06″ unify to a newborn universe of atmospheric sound.

There is infinitely more to discover here. Soulful chantings by Grammy winner “Krishna Das” merge with delicate Flamenco rhythms by Nacho Sotomayor from Madrid. The Australian Ethno-Dubstep crew “Temple Step Project” and the renowned British Ambient Music artist “Stumbleine” meet Italian Jazz trumpeter “Giorgio Li Calzi”. The Neo-Folk band “Fink” is represented with a wonderful remix done by “The Cinematic Orchestra”, as well as the Canadian Electronic-Worldmusic artist “Adham Shaikh”. These are just a few examples of 28 well selected contributors from all over the planet, chosen to represent a quintessence of DJ Nartak’s weekly show on Klassik Radio Germany.

Enjoy “nightflying”!

CD release and digital release at Klassik Radio: November 08th 2013
Digital pre-release on iTunes: November 29th 2013
Digital release worldwide: January 29th 2014
CD Export (via Nova Media Distribution): February 2014
Catalogue number: LGM144
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)