Synthpathic are:
Onur Ozman:

Onur Ozman is well-known with his individual house music tunes. He is considered one of the most talented producer of Istanbul house music scene who has released almost 30 EPs and took part in variety of complations from remarkable labels like Rebirth (ITA), Night Drive (GER), Next Dimension(USA), Amfibius (USA), Acryl (CH) in a quite short period of time. However, some of you may remind him with his outstanding remixing ability from his collabrations with artists like Mastercris, Tony Thomas, Da Funk, Fabien Kamb, Cooccer, Agent Matteo and many many more.

Irfan Davazli:

Irfan Davazli loves to keep music deeper and more underground and, from the manufacturing stage to the finishing touch cares most for music when it gets live. His recent projects sees him exploring the sound range from latin beats to eastern influences, with a highly emotional approach to all sound experiences. Drawing from their opposing musical backgrounds and curious for their individual strengths, they are a perfect match .

Synthpathic’s debut album “Waiting In Lounge” was released on Lemongrassmusic on February 5th 2010.

Waiting In Lounge

Waiting In Lounge

Irfan Davazli and Onur Ozman are Synthpathic, spearhead of a new generation of Turkish musicians/producers who with their debut album „Waiting in Lounge“ create an amazing and captivating NuJazz/House crossover sound. Their music contributes to a redefinition of the downtempo genre by including latin beats, liquid funk elements, house grooves, jazzy ingredients, blues influences, occasional shuffle break beats and, above all, deep felt soul music in an exuberant feelgood vibe…