S.W. is the alterego of the talented Sjoerd Wijdoogen.
Sjoerd started his musical career at a very young age; as a toddler he
rebuild the three seater into a drum kit on a regular base. In order to
preserve the furniture his parents made the wise decision sending Sjoerd to
drum- and percussion lessons at the age of five. When Sjoerd was six years
old he got his first record player on which he played his dads Beatles
collection. Although he loved all kinds of styles, once he heard the first house tracks in 1986 a passion for house music started.
1991 was the year when Sjoerd bought his first computer, the Commodore Amiga 500, forming his producer skill. In that same year Sjoerd was a radio disk jockey at various local (and pirate) radio stations. When he got in touch with Thijs ‘Groovelab’ Adrichem in 1997 his interest for producing grow. The result was demo-bombed record companies and tired publishers using his CDR’s as wall decoration. It all changed when Sjoerd met Laidback Luke. He loved a demo Sjoerd gave him and brought him in contact with a record company.

His first official release was on the prestigious ‘Fresh Fruit’ label with
Funk 2000 (Funky Attitude). A few months later he released his second record as Stuart – Saxy Vibes. After this his career was taking a big jump forward. In 2003 he had a massive european club hit as Stuart with ‘Free (Let it be)’.

Although he was very succesful under his Stuart alter ego, he wanted to do more creative and eclectic projects.
When LTJ Bukem got interested in one of his demo’s another artist name was
needed as the music was too different and experimental compared to the
Stuart stuff, and that’s where S.W was ‘born’.
Due to several reasons the track didn’t get released on Bukem’s Soulfood
records, but his record company released it on After Midnight Records.

His first official S.W. release was ‘Holy Spring’ which made it on the
infamous ‘Supperclub’ cd-series. This opened the door for Sjoerd into
deephouse & chill-out land.
S.W.’s deep & sexy sound was gaining a reputation worldwide and his tracks have been licensed to a lot of compilations.
In the period 2001-2004 three S.W. 12″es were released: ‘Move it’, ‘Cançaõ De Manhã’ and ‘Sweet Lullabies’.
During this period the idea for a S.W. album was born. It took until 2008 before Sjoerd picked up the idea again and started working on it, resulting in the album ‘The Adventurous World Of S.W.’ which is being released on Lemongrassmusic in June 2012.

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