PUCH is a three person project by producers Mario Christofferson (alias Dub Mars), Helge Neuhaus and vocalist Tanja Bremner, based in the cities of Herford and Bielefed, Germany.

Their new EP „Oz“ is being released on label Lemongrassmusic in February 2014 and just like the preceding longplayer album „Welcome To Our Madhouse“ from 2013 it is a very atmospheric, deep and soulful music work.
The combination of electronic and live instruments is the main aim of this band and gives a lot of unique, comforting and melancholic charm to the songs. The songs are often emphasised by the vocals of each of the three members.
PUCH create music for relaxing and chilling – but also for a crazy take off on the dancefloor.

Some track impressions:

An acoustic journey through imaginary dream worlds – let go and get carried away by the sound.
Inside a machine
Welcome to the machine. The conditioned thinking – challenging like clockwork – leaves no time for nuances. We operate …
Save as
The escape to inner spaces – pure self-protection – unfiltered impressions processed in order to survive.
To Live Without You
The soft carpet volatile tonal encounters

Digital release date: February 21st 2014
Catalogue number: LGM 153-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644