Kevin Paczesny is a Chill Out music producer originally from Chicago but grew up in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona and currently residing in Los Angeles. Playing music has been a part of him all his life but didn’t realize he wanted to compose electronic music until 2004 while majoring in audio engineering at the community college. Here is where he learned software programs Logic and Reason. From then he knew that this was going to be a life long passion and hobby.

From there he met people in the electronic music community and learned how to Dj with vinyl and frequented a local Phoenix record shop to get the latest tracks. His influences then growing up were Trance and Progressive House labels Global Underground and Bedrock. While still maintaining his love for this music, over the years his styles and influences changed discovering Ambient and Chill Out music. This discovery led to his producing of the same style and now he produces both House and Ambient music.

His productions are now used for the purposes of hour-long mixes and cinematic, they are featured on various Chill Out compilations and the forthcoming “Awakening” EP.

He believes meeting great people, discovering beautiful music, being in nature, and having a loving family is some of life’s greatest gifts and would like to express this through his sounds.



Lemongrassmusic are pleased to present the debut EP of California based music producer Kevin Paczesny. The 6 tracks on his EP „Awakening“ are an arrangement of deep, dreamy Ambient sounds to deepen your mood and take you on a journey through its subtle peaceful soundscapes.