Is he going nuts? The man left his Riviera studio, went away from the pure sweetness and all those funny nights and headed for Brooklyn. In his cellar studio he teamed up with rapper Edison and the rest of the old school bunch and started journey into the essence of hiphop.

Groovers, dudes and ladies! Get ready for the rebirth of the old school. Get into the groove as you dig ”The Brooklyn Sessions”.

This instant classic takes off with ”The DJ Is My Driver”, an intense jazzified hiphop pearl that will make you shout: ”Brooklyn party, I am in it!”

The scratching, the funky synth bass, the soulful piano chords and all that funky stuff, and on top of the groove a cool Brooklyn poet delivering his message.

And then: the flute man! Holy shit, is it Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull transferred into a Brooklyn funkster?

Next track, ”My Girl”, starts as a cool relaxed groove with a dude bragging about his girl friend. But don’t get fooled by the relaxed sound, cause suddenly Mr Glam Sam plugs in the guitar. Is it hiphop? Is it garage rock? One thing is a fact. It’s pure Glam Sam.

Then Edison tells a story about a day in a life. Sounds quite nice, you can have success without bling on your wrist, right? ”Sippin’ Sunkist” is a piece of groovy old school hiphop with a jazzy twist.

”Come Danceletta” takes you back to the Brooklyn dance floor as Glam Sam teams up with a gang of jazz dudes that can’t let go of the disco fling.

So, time to slow down, yes, even a Brooklyn man must take it easy every now and then. ”Deep In My Soul ” is soulful jazzy hiphop at its best, with Edison delivering his thoughtful poetry and a horn section that will make you think about the Tower Of Power horns.

”Some Lazy Shit” will end this chapter of the Glam Sam story. A down-to-earth sound, built around a funky bass player and the dude fingering on his organ and even an acoustic guitar.

”Ahh, gotta love it, it’s the life I live. If you do it, you gotta do it big.”

Digital Release Date: March 23rd 2012
Catalogue number: LGM 093-8
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644