Beware groovers! Time to get some pure coolness again… Glam Sam is back.
This time he brought a bunch of good funky friends to the studio to create the happiest block party vibes that Stockholm has to offer. Yes, Glam Sam proudly presents: Stockholm City Soul.
Kicking off with the essence of cool, the groove of ”All Around Town” is already keeping the jazzheads of London, Berlin and Tokyo happy. And that flute! Man, is it Bobbi Humphrey in the good old Blue Note years?
Then over to lyricist Prop Dylan, delivering his poetry to a deep funk groove. ”Keep On Moving Through The Bullshit And Pain” is old school hiphop based on jazzy funk and will get you prepared for the party.

Prop Dylan with DJ Premier

When all the guests are arriving, ”The Uptown Flow” is pulling them to the dance floor right away. Oh man, is it May 1984 or is it the future? This good time groove is clearly inspired by the old school of the 80s, but when the jazz dude on sax kicks in, the vibe gets beyond time, beyond space…
Ok, the party is on. Say no more, it’s on. On stage: Rapper King Chris, or shorter Rapper KC, getting all the hands in the air while spitting out the hit song ”Diamonds In The Rough”. And all the breakers and shakers, let’s give it a go to ”Fly B-Boys And Fly B-Girls”, another anthem of the type that has been missed since the Sugarhill Gang left the building.

Rapper KC

Then we have The Dude. THE DUDE! ”I’m The Dude”, the beloved Glam Sam classic is now being presented to the world in a brand new remastered version, ready to hit the airwaves of every soul and house station in the universe this year and every year.
Continuing with another dance floor anthem, ”Shake Your Booty”, the groovers on the dance floor are doing nothing else but following orders: Shaking their booties to the max!
Time to slow down? Soon, soon, but first let’s hear it for the legendary mixer John Morales, offering his extended M+M mix of the Glam Sam/Biker Boy disco hit ”The Last Days of Disco”.
Now, lets’ kick back. Relax. Entré Mr. Anthony Mills, a kind man with a larger than life falsetto sothing your soul with the big city lyrics of ”Just Because”. This is the new soul of Stockholm City. And it’s shining.

Anthony Mills

When approaching the wee small hours, nothing feels better than cooling down to the poetry of Karen Gibson Roc, deeper than the ocean, married to the sky. ”She Smiles” offers spoken word poetry to a smooth, smooth soul beat.
There you have it! It’s Stockholm City Soul, an album filled to the brim with the hip hop, jazz, soul, funk and disco that Glam Sam and all his fellow groovers love.
Old school, baby!
Now enjoy!

Glam Sam

Digital Release Date: October 23rd, 2015
Catalogue number: LGM197
Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)