On his second longplayer “Dreaming In Orange”, Amsterdam-based artist Faro carries on what he has begun on his debut album in 2009.
Through his music he easily triggers our imagination – taking us on journeys across continents, across dreams. We find ourselves floating through scattered clouds, travelling deep forests and balmy beaches.
“Dreaming In Orange” does not only tranquilize – it also enchants the present moment into a state of happiness and peace.
It creates a space which opens ways of communication with yourself and your counterparts and allows to have presentiments of the invisible structures of life.
Since one year Faro’s relaxing music can be heard in many spa resorts and hotel lounges worldwide – and opens hearts, souls and minds on the journey through the universe.
Chill out and take a deep, deep breath and feel yourself relaxing…

Digital release: October 15th 2010
Catalogue number: LGM 065-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644