With the new album „Always And Everywhere“ Dub Mars presents his 3rd longplayer on Lemongrassmusic. 13 vocal tracks and 2 instrumentals shape a truly song-orientated work with a considerable potential for relaxation and for enjoying the calm moments of the day.
Except for the cover version „Only Time“ by Enya all the tracks were written and produced by Dub Mars.
The project name says it all – Dub Mars makes kind of dubby music, sometimes with a Chill House feel. A unique base for his unique songs…. regarding the lyrics you will often find ambiguous statements which are not always transparent to the listener.
The songs reflect Dub Mars’ current moods and attitudes in life. Following this relaxed and cosmopolitan approach to life and the fine sense of humor many listeners could identify with the songs and possibly find a buddy for life.

The producer and songwriter behind Dub Mars is Mario Christofferson from Northwest Germany. He also participates in further projects like $uperchrome, Breakfast Brothers, Puch, Takt 3, Julienne and Mario Santo.