C.Cil (alias Cécile Maestre from Paris, France) is a musician, a singer and a dancer.
Movement and dance is what inspires her and it is what she visualizes when composing her music.
Before making her own music she used to be a dancer and had the opportunity to work with famous choreographers.
Companies, cabarets, TV shows, video clips and cinemas used to be her “homes” during this first part of her life.
At the birth of her daughter, she more or less stopped the dance having done all that she wanted to do so far.
It felt quite naturally to her to make her own music instead – the music which was always a part of her universe.
Cécile joined music groups and made numerous studio sessions as singer, but soon she realized that she wanted to create her own music.
So she constantly learned – alone – and step by step she built her home-studio.
She had learnt all the music theory and playing the piano during her childhood, and that was a big help when she started creating electronic music.
Then she learned to play the bass, and developed a passionate relation with this instrument.
She always needs atmospheres, movement, space, and this is what she tried to realize in this album.
For her the music is the result of body movements, an emotion, a virtual “curve” which she tries to recreate and imitate with sounds, voices, words… like an imaginary breath… a musical choreography.
C.CIl’s debut album “Lounging” is being released for digital download on label Lemongrassmusic in July 2013.

Digital release date: July 26th 2013
Catalogue number: LGM 132-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic – LC 12644